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Lionel Refson The Covid Conspiracies - Humanity's Apocalypse or Salvation The Covid Conspiracies,Who am I to talk to you about Covid-19? I am an honours degree educated professional, happily married, family man with a small successful business and a little house. I love my wife and all my children, and I love life now.
A few years ago, I was helped to recover from a complete psychotic breakdown by people who I first saw as manipulative, controlling and yes, even evil. I heard the voices of God, my dead mother, and other relatives. They were shouting warnings. I heard apocalyptic and cataclysmic thundering and crashes and I experienced what I thought was divine revelation after divine revelation all induced by Spice, other certain chemical legal highs and a combination of my lifelong desire to find the truth of things and fear. I have achieved many things in life, love, family, a business but I have a PhD in reality, and I thank the people who saved me from hell, from the very bottom of my heart.